Meet the Founders

Carley Lake

Co-Founder & CEO

I’m Carley. I've been told I have the style of a “grandma mixed with a middle schooler on her first day of school". I’m the founder and editor of the sustainable fashion site, where I helped show readers when we quit fast fashion, re-wear and repair our clothes, and invest in pieces, we can discover our true style, save money, and stop the waste.

I was acting Global Marketing Director for Safety at Uber and co-launched Uber Eats. (Fun fact: it was first named Uber Fresh.)

Tanya Dastyar

Co-Founder & CTO

I’m Tanya. I’m a maker at heart whether it’s through design, coding, jewelry making, or any other way to get my hands dirty. My personal mission is to reinforce the things that really matter in life, like community and relationships. I’m excited to be challenging the status quo of overconsumption in an effort to bring a little magic back to our stuff.

I led product for Microsoft News and Microsoft Managed Desktop and co-founded Lighthouse, a tracking solution for students with Autism, alerting faculty when they physically wander.

Why did we name the app Isthmus? 

noun, itsth·mus, plural isth·mus·es, isth·mi

An isthmus is a narrow piece of land connecting two larger areas across an expanse of water by which they are otherwise separated.

Isthmuses have been strategic locations for centuries. They are natural sites for ports and canals linking trade routes. Isthmuses are also key sites for communications and cultural exchange.

We hope Isthmus helps connect you to people, items, and stories you may have otherwise never gotten to know.