Our Guiding Values


Your Isthmus experiences should be full of delightful discussions, interesting learnings, and opportunities to receive items you love. Generosity helps power these moments. Let's give items we no longer need, provide thoughtful discussion replies, and help all feel welcome and comfortable in our communities. 


We believe everyone should feel supported and welcomed on Isthmus no matter age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. We also believe in creating a space where we can all trust each other’s word—whether it be about the condition of an item or in delivery expectations we set.

Trust & Safety

We are committed to your safety and will work hard to have the right rules and processes in place and be here when you need us. We also ask our community members to look out for each other and help create a safe environment. Contact us with any issues. 

Let's build a world with:

More sharing. Less consumption.

More genuine conversation. Less feeling alone.

More reuse and re-love. Less waste. 

More fun. Less money spent.

Our guiding values help us all get there.

Community Guidelines

We’ve established Community Guidelines to help guide behavior and codify the guiding values that underpin the Isthmus platform.

Learn more 

Reach out if you need us.

You can contact us at support@Isthmusapp.com with any issues or feedback. Thank you for choosing to help make Isthmus a safe and welcoming space.