Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines – Last modified: May 11, 2021

Our guidelines were developed to help make every experience feel safe, respectful, and fun. Everyone who is a member of Isthmus App, no matter which groups and communities joined within the app, is expected to follow the guidelines.

Treat everyone with respect

We believe that everyone should feel supported and welcomed. That’s why we’ve created standards on misconduct, threatening and rude behavior, unwanted contact, discrimination, and more.

  • Threatening and rude behavior
    Aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behavior is not allowed. Don’t use language that could be disrespectful or threatening. Also, please be kind and respectful during swaps or buys and sales. Please follow through on commitments made and keep each other safe during any in-person interactions.
  • Discrimination
    You should always feel safe and welcome. That’s why we don’t tolerate conduct we’ve determined to be discriminatory. Do not discriminate against someone based on traits such as age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Keep private interactions confidential.
    We assume that email and private message content is intended only for the recipient(s). Do not post personal names, addresses, tracking numbers, private messages, chat transcripts or emails from members, community moderators/leaders or Isthmus App.
  • Spam.
    Content considered spam is not allowed and we will work with community moderators to remove. This includes duplicate content within the app, deleting and re-posting item posts at a high frequency, click-bait, posts calling for likes/views/follows, advertisements, and any other content geared toward personal gain. We may also delete shared content from other groups/sites that are irrelevant or lacking in purpose towards swapping or community betterment. Listings noting cross-posting to other platforms are also considered spam and will be removed with a note.
  • Misinformation.
    We may remove content/accounts that are meant to deceive users on our platform. 

Follow all laws

You’re responsible for knowing and obeying all relevant local laws.

  • Graphic Content.
    Do not post obscene, vulgar, or pornographic content. This includes media and text.
  • Copyright/Trademark Infringement.
    Unauthorized use of any copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise branded content is not allowed. Your content is subject to removal based on review when contacted regarding infringement. Knock-off items may be subject to these guidelines.
  • Donations and Charities.
    All donations requests should be linked to verified charitable entities with contact information clearly visible for all members to confirm if need be. These will be treated on a case-by-case basis for any community-driven charitable initiatives.
  • Fraud.
    We have zero-tolerance for fraud on Isthmus App. If you spot something suspicious, let us know. Fraud is any attempt by members to misrepresent themselves, the products they’re selling or swapping, or saying they will ship or meet up and do not fulfill this action. Look out for off-app contact, short-duration listings, and unsafe payment methods that can’t be traced or recovered if there’s a problem. We recommend using the PayPal goods and services option if you are using payment so you are covered by PayPal’s protection policy automatically.
  • Prohibited items.
    We don’t allow the listing of some items (may include but are not limited to): prescription medications or drugs of any kind, illegal weapons, firearms, knives, bodily fluids, breast milk, hazardous materials, pets/animals, used personal items like make-up and sex toys (Certain materials are porous in nature and will act as a reservoir for bacteria, and depending on the material, all efforts to ‘properly sanitize’ the item may be ineffective. Isthmus App assumes no liability in the trade of personal items and they are done so at the user’s own risk.), currency trading, human trafficking, or any other illegal items. We also currently do not allow car seat or crib listings due to the possibility of expiration and older items no longer being in accordance with local safety acts and laws.

Your feedback matters

How to find help.
If you want to report an incident, contact us at If you find yourself in immediate danger, alert your local authorities before notifying Isthmus App.

How our guidelines apply to you and to the community.

Isthmus App reviews all reports submitted to us that may violate our Community Guidelines, and we may investigate through a specialized team. Isthmus App reserves the right to review on-platform as well as off-platform conduct of account holders when reviewing accounts found to be in violation of the guidelines listed here or found to be deemed harmful to the Isthmus App platform based on the proof of information received. Isthmus App reserves the right to forward any content violating applicable laws to the authorities for review without warning or explanation. Your account may be put on hold until our review is complete. Not following any of our guidelines may result in the loss of access to your Isthmus App account.

Thank you for choosing to help make Isthmus App a safe, kind, and welcoming community.