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Where communities go to share more and buy less, together. 

Isthmus App provides you the tools and space to create delightful groups for trading items, advice, and inspiration. 

Add your name to the waitlist if you want to add/start a group or if you are simply looking for a group to join.  

Isthmus is a community platform that makes it easy and fun for you and your groups to chat, hang out, and share your favorite things.

A space built for you and your group

We built Isthmus for groups to connect and share items in welcoming spaces they can make their own. No ads, no unrelated posts, no overwhelming feeds.

Easy ways to share items and enjoy the stories behind them 

We provide no-fuss search, filter, and browse experiences so you can find the items you love. The more you share and celebrate items, the better they become with memories, stories, and advice. Groups can even start their own version of that movie about the traveling pants. 

Spaces for discussions, advice, and inspiration

Discuss, chat, and hang out. Share favorite outfit pairings, clothing care tips, and ways you cared for items. Host clothing swaps, repair workshops, or spontaneous live chats. 

Moderator tools made for sharing communities

Easily manage how your group works and grows. Decide how members and items get added, set your group rules, add additional moderators, get an overview of all items swapped, and more.

For communities of 1,000s of members

Whether you run or belong to a group of slow fashion lovers, new parents on the hunt for affordable baby clothes, or outdoor gear fanatics, Isthmus is the place to share your favorite things with your favorite groups.

For close friends, neighbors, or fellow parents

Skip the long, unorganized text chains. Create a group on Isthmus to showcase items, trade, chat, and keep track of who has what. You and your neighbors, fellow parents, and best friends will never need to buy new again.

The app is fun and friendly and connects me to closets in my town and all over the world.

Moria Deshpande

Founder, @SellTradeSlowFashion

You'll get the support you need to create, build, and grow your community.

Effortlessly invite and bring friends on to Isthmus 

Access community-building resources

Receive mentorship from fellow moderators and community leaders

Come for the clothes.
Stay for the community.
Never have to shop again.