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Whether you're looking for a group of fellow slow fashion fanatics, ski gear fanatics, or expecting moms who love vintage baby clothes, you can find the people to geek out with about your favorite things on Isthmus.

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For Group Members

We built Isthmus for groups to connect and easily share items—that’s it.

No more logging on to a giant social network, navigating through hundreds of features, ads, and posts to find the items you want.

Discover groups that share your passions, styles, and clothing needs.

Join one (or two..or three!). Get access to exclusive group content, events, and discussions.

Easily search and filter for the items you want.

Forget the messy feeds and nonstop scrolling.  

For Group Members

Celebrate the stories behind the clothes.

As people swap and relist multiple times you start to see a story behind the items. Check out item memories, outfit recommendations, a list of people who have worn it in the past, and item wishlists. Think of it as your own version of a sisterhood of traveling pants.

Let's value the stories and communities behind the clothes over buying new. 

For Group Creators/Moderators

Give your group an easy way to say thanks via monthly payment.

Some groups are highly curated, have exclusive content and events, and more, thanks to community moderators like you. For your work fostering these communities, you can set monthly membership fees.

Members pay right through the app. No longer ask members to pay an optional donation fee or have a disjointed way for them to support the work you do.

MEET The Communities

Groups already trading

SellTradeSlowFashion - United States

SellTradeSlowFasion (STSF) is a group of 24,000+ that celebrates the gold standards of ethical and ethical fashion with a strong focus on community. They are testing Isthmus for trading items between community members. 

Extinction Rebellion Fashion Action - Netherlands 

XR Fashion Action is a grassroots climate justice organization, a branch of Extinction Rebellion (XR). They engage in Non-Violent Civil Disobedience to dismantle the toxic fashion industry and also promote an alternative way of doing fashion e.g re-wearing. They are testing a group to share mending/repair events and swap amongst organization members and others who want to learn more and take part.


Meet the founders

Carley Lake

Co-Founder & CEO

I’m Carley and I have been told I have the style of a “grandma mixed with a middle schooler on her first day of school.” I’m the founder and editor of the sustainable fashion site, named one of Eluxe Magazine’s 11 eco-friendly bloggers to follow.

I was also acting Global Marketing Director for Safety at Uber and co-launched Uber Eats. (Fun fact: it was first named Uber Fresh.)

Tanya Dastyar

Co-Founder & CTO

I’m Tanya. I’m a maker at heart: whether it’s through design, coding, jewelry making, or any other way to get my hands dirty. My personal mission is to reinforce the things that really matter in life, like community and relationships. I’m excited to be challenging the status quo of overconsumption in an effort to bring a little magic back to our stuff.

I led product for Microsoft News and Microsoft Managed Desktop and co-founded Lighthouse, a tracking solution for students with Autism, alerting faculty when they physically wander.

Join the movement to buy and waste less.

The fashion industry has a waste problem, an environmental problem, a labor practices problem, and a makes-us-spend-way-too-much-money-on-things-we-don’t-wear problem. 

Trading and sharing items reduces waste, environmental destruction, how much we spend, and more. 

We have a waste problem.

Each year, 200 million pounds of clothing ends up in the New York City’s landfill sites—the equivalent of filling the Statue of Liberty with garments 440 times. 

We have a climate and energy problem. 

Approximately 82 million metric tons of greenhouse gas admissions come from textiles and leather. And it takes approximately 450 liters of water to make 1 t-shirt. That’s more than 2 years worth of drinking water for one person. 

We believe in a world with:​

Less consumption. More sharing.

Less feeling alone. More genuine conversation.

Less waste. More re-wear and re-love.

Less money spent. More fun had.

What is an isthmus?

noun, itsth·mus, plural isth·mus·es, isth·mi

An isthmus is a narrow piece of land connecting two larger areas across an expanse of water by which they are otherwise separated.

Isthmuses have been strategic locations for centuries. They are natural sites for ports and canals linking trade routes. Isthmuses are also key sites for communications and cultural exchange.

We hope to help connect you to people, items, and stories you may have otherwise never gotten to know.

Access the closets of people who share your style.

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